Awaio Locks

Input interior introduces Awaio Locks

Awaio Locks is a unique digital locking system for office storage and cabinets. The technology behind the lock is based on Bluetooth, which makes it convenient to use, with no cables or IT integration required. The system can easily be scaled up or down and all settings can be managed via a mobile app, making lost keys and cards a thing of the past. Awaio Locks is suitable for any setting, from offices and schools to public spaces, such as sports halls and similar.

How does it work?

Awaio Locks can be added to all new or existing storage solutions, irrespective of material, and replaces all manner of keys and RFID card management. The system is scalable and can easily be upgraded from just a few locks to several hundred. All settings are managed in the mobile app*, which you can also use to locate, book, open and share storage within, for example, companies, organisations, schools and universities.

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