Greenified launches in Denmark, Finland, and Norway

The interest and commitment to sustainability and circular services is increasing. With the launch of Greenified in Denmark, Finland and Norway, we continue to meet the market’s local demand for reused furnishings and take responsibility for sustainable development.

Greenified is a circular furniture market for those who want to buy or sell furniture in a cost-effective, easy and sustainable way. Here, furnishings that no longer fulfill their purpose get a new life, in a new environment, with someone else.

After a successful introduction in Sweden, Greenified is now launched in Denmark, Finland and Norway. According to Birinder Singh, Site Manager at Input interior Finland, and Terje Kristiansen, Regional Manager at Input interior Norway, the Nordic market is ready for a digital platform of reused furnishings.

“We are seeing a great interest in sustainability from companies and organisations today. Until now, there have been limited opportunities to purchase used products for larger projects. With Greenified, which offers furnishings for small and big projects in one place, that changes, says Birinder Singh.

“Before the launch, we presented Greenified to approximately 60 interior designers who were looking forward to getting started with the service. At the same time, we are in close contact with several large Norwegian organisations that are ready to use Greenified as a tool for a green transition. It will be an intense and exciting start, Terje Kristiansen continues.

As Greenified is now launched on several markets, the range of products will continue to grow, while it will be just as easy for the user to manage products. But in order minimize carbon emissions from transportations, it is possible restrict the geographical perimeter to the regional area.

“Buy, rent and sell products. It is all managed from the same platform, which makes it easy to use. At the same time, there are several environmental advantages with the platform. Firstly, we minimize emissions from productions of new furniture, and secondly, the furniture does not have to be shipped from distant destinations. It is already here in the Nordic countries, says Charlotte Jensen, COO at Input interior Denmark.”

Circular alternatives are necessary to enable sustainable development in the industry, and the establishment of Greenified in the Nordic countries is a step in the right direction.

“Reuse will become increasingly important in the future, and the environmental benefits of reused furniture are evident. With Greenified, we show how easy it is to buy, rent and sell reused products. And that is a necessity for the climate, concludes Klara Mannrolin, Project Manager at Greenified.


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