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From analysis and advice to delivery and installation. Input interior’s services convert interior design costs into investments in the future.

Services that generate added value

Interior design can be cost-saving. Contribute to a sustainable society and increase employees’ productivity. Support day-to-day work and create a platform for development and innovations. Be ergonomic, improve comfort and well-being and reduce absences. Clarify the brand, strengthen corporate culture and attract expertise.

With services such as procurement, guidance and delivery, Input interior converts interior design costs into investments in productivity, innovation, corporate culture and identity. Our independence combined with knowledge, dedication, creativity and transparency gives our clients unique competitive advantages.

Analysis and advice

Input interior’s workplace analysis is based on science and data, not old truths. Who knows best how an organisation and its working methods function if not the company’s employees and management? In order to obtain the best possible information, employee input is paramount. By means of analysis, we and the architect gain access to objective and tangible information that forms a basis for making the right decisions and creating a dynamic workplace.

Inspiration and knowledge

With access to 40 showrooms, we facilitate the right choice of product, offer inspiration and provide a clear link between you and the architect. With experience, know-how and structure we ensure that the interior design matches your expectations and needs with regard to environmental objectives, quality, ergonomic and safety requirements, timeframes, profile and budget.

Please contact your nearest branch for guidance.

Re-use and sustainability

Furniture deserves a long life! Our aim is to ensure that furniture our customers no longer need is given a new lease of life with new owners when needs change. With a client base numbering in the thousands in the Nordic region, Input interior can offer the largest range of used furniture on the market. We refurbish, repair and update items of furniture to extend their useful life. Once they are worn out and no longer fit for purpose, we ensure that they are recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

Read more about our re-use services.

Financing and insurance

Input interior’s financing solutions and rental agreements create added value for clients, who avoid tying up capital and can manage temporary needs in a more cost-effective way. Agreements and agreement periods can be customised, making it possible to procure the interior elements that are actually needed at a cost that suits the budget. Find out more about Input interior’s offering relating to financing and rental agreements.

Rapid claims adjustment, equivalent equipment and a low excess are some of the benefits compared with ordinary business insurance. The insurance covers sudden and unexpected events such as fire, lightning strike, water damage, theft, vandalism, machinery breakdown and accidents. Find out more about what is included in Input interior’s insurance.

Project management and procurement

Input interior ensures that the vision and interior design proposal are realised within a given timetable and budget. In order to guarantee the best possible result, trial furnishing proposals, visits to our showrooms, tours of reference premises, training, visualisation, product development and inventory of existing furnishings are all undertaken.

Once the interior’s exact design has been established, procurement will begin along with quote processes, order management and confirmation, logistics, delivery assurance and coordination. Tasks that your contact person at Input interior will handle with assistance from support staff, the logistics centre, the delivery monitoring team and installers, among others.

Delivery and installation

Once your premises are ready to move into, all your interior furnishings will be coordinated at one of Input interior’s logistics centres and delivered according to your requirements – to the right place at the right time, with minimum possible environmental impact.

In addition to delivery, installation and arrangement, our interior installers will provide information on usage and care instructions, and will adjust the equipment, if needed. Everything is overseen by a supervising project manager, who ensures that the vision takes shape. Control measurements are taken, bespoke joinery components are constructed and inventories are carried out. Relocation or disposal of existing interior furnishings completes the delivery.

Relocation and inventory

With relocation assignments, Input interior is responsible for coordination and project management, and obviously the physical relocation. This working method represents increased control and overall economy for clients. With respect to inventory of your interior furnishings, we record deficiencies and recommend measures – all to safeguard the interior design and development of your work environment.

Facility Services

Input interior’s Facility Services offer a range of services to pick and choose from that facilitate daily operation and further development of your work environment. We can assist with maintenance, cleaning, repairs, user surveys and much more. The services can be adapted to your needs and are intended to save time and energy, which you can then devote to your own activities.

For assistance with additional products, documentation, fault reports and complaints, we can set up a client-specific support team for time-efficient service.

Find out more about what services are included in Input interior’s service offer.

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