Input interior secures big contract in Denmark

Input interior is awarded a contract with Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice (SKI). The contract covers furniture and interior for the public sector and is estimated to be worth DKK 367 million per year.

Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice (SKI) was founded in 1994, and today approximately 1 000 public organisations make their purchases under contracts via SKI.

During the tender process for SKI 03.13, suppliers were required to provide a wide range of products with a focus on high quality and sustainability.

As a relatively new actor in Denmark, this is the first time Input interior has been awarded a contract with SKI, creating new opportunities for the company, which is already active within the public sector in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

“We’re very strong in the public sector in the other Nordic countries and it’s great that we now get the opportunity in Denmark as well. It will be a game changer for us both in Copenhagen and Aarhus,” says Charlotte Jensen, COO of Input interior in Denmark.

SKI 03.13 covers six sub-areas, Input interior has been awarded contracts in four of them: Office furniture, dining room, lounge and meeting furniture, furniture for the care and health sector and teaching furniture for higher education.

Thomas Wiberg, Business Developer at Input interior in Denmark, is looking forward to offer new opportunities for organisations within the public sector.

“For many years, architects have called for a wider range of brands for public tenders. We are therefore particularly proud to be able to highlight a qualitative and wide range of Danish and Nordic design brands in the SKI 03.13 agreement,” says Thomas Wiberg.

The agreement enters into force on June 17 and runs until June 2028.

During the contract period, SKI 03.13 is expected to have a total turnover of just over DKK 1.4 billion.

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