Rent reused furniture with Greenified

Dynamic workplaces and flexible rental agreements are increasing while, at the same time, the interest in sustainability issues is rising. To meet that development, Greenified has made it even easier to manage reused furniture.

– Through a circular ownership model of furniture, it is possible to minimize the environmental impact with simple means. We already offer the opportunity to buy reused furniture in a simple and efficient way. We are now adding the alternative for renting furniture and thus open the door for more people to take part in the sustainable development, says Klara Mannrolin, Project Manager at Greenified.

To increase productivity and well-being in the workplace, the environments need to be business-adapted. Digitized working methods and dynamic needs have made it more difficult to optimize space and interior solutions – and can result in furniture purchases that are left unused.

– When the customers decide the rental period themselves, they minimize the risk of under- and over-dimensioning. Greenified’s rental model is scalable and it is always possible to adapt the time period or update its existing product range, says Klara Mannrolin.

– This is a long-term, environmentally-friendly and customer-adapted service that will prove to be economically important for many organizations and ecologically necessary for the planet, Klara Mannrolin continues.

The establishment of Greenified’s e-commerce in 2021 has already generated framework agreements with market-leading real estate companies that have sought new development opportunities. With the new launch, Greenified now offers tailor-made interior design solutions that can be adapted to the needs of the organisation.

– For property owners and tenants, Greenified is a partner that ensures that the premises are furnished and based on the needs and conditions that exist throughout the agreement period. We help our customers avoid furniture storage, logistics and administration, while they focus on developing the business, concludes Klara Mannrolin.

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