Business areas

With needs-adapted solutions and the greatest possible freedom of choice, we ensure the right functionality in environments that affect people’s everyday activities throughout their lives. We primarily work within the following areas.

Offices and businesses

A flexible society with modern technology makes new demands of our workplaces. Ergonomics and functionality. Finance, environment and sustainability. Design, needs adaptation and identity creation. Every aspect must be considered and has an influence on the end result.

With new ideas, shapes and material choices there is endless scope to create offices that provide structure and improve flows, encourage innovation and increase productivity. Office chairs that take care of the body. Tables that complement modern technology. Screens that provide peace and quiet for working and flexibility. And spaces that allow reflection, exchange of experiences and brainstorming.

Interested in needs-adapted workplaces?

Find out about needs-adapted interior design delivered three ways; see how law firm Morris Law found an efficient office solution with an inviting reception area and open-plan work environment, or how SEB created good flows at one of Sweden’s biggest workplaces.

Hotels and restaurants

For hotels and restaurants, the interior experience is a crucial factor. They rely on their good reputation. On expectations. And memories. Offering an out-of-the-ordinary experience is often the key, and that’s where our efforts come in. And that’s also exactly why design is often one of the most essential competitive tools.

We view bespoke solutions as customised standards, and over the years we have gained extensive experience of interior design for hotels, restaurants and conference facilities.

Curious to see for yourself?

Read about gastro hotel PM & Vänner, some of the bespoke solutions that enhance the interior of Haymarket, or how Zander K has incorporated the landscapes of Norway into its hotel lobby.

Schools and education

In an increasingly competitive world the ability to attract students and teachers is becoming more essential and the need for flexible solutions ever greater. Satisfying these requirements demands both space, insight and holistic thinking with a long-term approach.

Through close collaboration with the architect and school staff, we at Input interior can identify actual needs. This frequently involves creating flexible solutions and exploiting synergy effects. Good-quality functional furniture promotes creative thinking and independent work.

Interested in schools of the future?

Find out more about how Runnerydsskolan has stepped into the learning environment of the future, or how the concepts for Landamäreskolan and Fridaskolan contribute to student visibility and creating safe environments.

Health and social care

Interior design for hospitals and care facilities has a multitude of functions. It is vital for providing care, creating a sense of security and a sense of calm for relatives. Consequently, it is especially important to consider how interior surroundings affect humans: our decisions, thoughts and feelings, but also day-to-day functionality.

Input interior has extensive experience and knowledge of nursing and care environments and offers interior design that is both attractive and fit for purpose, living up to all the requirements for functionality, accessibility, sustainability, ergonomics and finance.

Curious about thoughtful interior design?

Find out more about care and nursing home facility Trädgårdarna, the design of which is based on research into environmental psychology and the impact of green spaces on well-being. Or see how the eye clinic at Helsingborgs Lasarett focuses on patient needs.

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