Smarter inventory management with Greenified Inventory

Whether relocating or reorganising, efficient management of interior furnishings is a valuable asset. Greenified Inventory, our new inventory tool, provides a complete overview of existing inventories – creating the right conditions to save both time and money.

There is a tendency for major changes involving the workplace to be demanding in terms of both time and resources. With the right tools, it is possible to minimise preparatory work and streamline implementation. Greenified Inventory is a new inventory system that catalogues all existing interior furnishings on one digital platform.

How does the system work?

All products are tagged with QR/RFID labels that can be scanned with a smartphone and registered on a web platform. Once the inventory process is complete, the products are available to view on the web platform, making it possible to plan:

– The reuse of products at new premises
– Relocation within the organisation
– Internal sales
– Maintenance and reconditioning
– The sale of products that are no longer used

“Greenified Inventory creates the ideal conditions for reusing interior furnishings, minimising unnecessary purchases, and planning reconditioning. In practice, it is a tool that enables companies and organisations to reduce their climate footprint when relocating or reorganising operations,” says Klara Mannrolin, Business Area Manager Greenified.


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