Environment and responsibility

Input interior’s environmental management is a natural part of our everyday activities and we will always strive to make the best long-term environmental choices. Together with clients and partners, we are continuously pursuing efforts to ensure better environmental choices and sustainable interior design.

Our business

We set exacting demands for our internal activities and look to make continuous improvements. We have the capacity to make a difference through both large and small efforts. The most significant environmental aspects in our operations are energy consumption, transport of goods and staff, and waste.


Input interior’s offices and showrooms in Sweden run on green electricity from Telge Energi. We strive for economical energy usage, which includes closing warehouse doors immediately after loading and unloading and shutting computers down completely when we go home at the end of the day.


We strive for efficient logistics and coordinate our transport operations. The objective is optimum utilisation of load capacity and well-planned outgoing deliveries. Our lorries run on renewable diesel and where possible we opt for public transport and trains rather than cars and air travel for business trips.


We sort all the following waste materials within our operations: corrugated cardboard, office paper and newspapers, wood, non-rigid plastic, metal, glass (for recycling), and items such as batteries, light bulbs, electronics and other hazardous waste and ink toner, and compost in municipalities where such facilities are provided.


Input interior is working actively on digitization with the aim of making as much documentation as possible digital. One result of this is that the number of delivery notes has reduced by 50%.

ISO certification

We work in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system standards. If you wish, you can view our code of conduct, environmental policy and quality policy.

Our influence

Our responsibility extends beyond our own core activities. We view it as a matter of course to set requirements, influence, support and inspire parties we work with to make positive, long-term and sustainable choices.


We set requirements for our suppliers and get involved in influencing production methods and material choices. We provide inspiration and assist in efforts involving eco-labelling.


With attractive offers and dissemination of knowledge we inspire our clients to make conscious and responsible choices. We support and assist our clients in realising their environmental aims.

Architects, designers and partners

We welcome and want to help inspire architects, designers and other partners to create and design furniture and interior furnishings that are sustainable and of a high quality.

The public debate

Through our range of services, our operations and what we communicate we want to contribute to creating awareness and influencing the public debate regarding sustainable furniture and interior solutions.

Sustainability report

Read our sustainability report for the year 2022/2023 here.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your environmental objectives

Patrik Clavenstam, Sustainability Manager
+46 (0)31-799 89 13, patrik.clavenstam@inputinterior.se


With Greenified, Input interior offers a new way of thinking and working when it comes to sustainable interior design for public environments.

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