Home care service first to buy reused furniture in Arvika municipality

Environmentally-smart and cost-effective without compromising comfort and quality. When Arvika Municipality realised its first major purchase of reused furniture, the result turned out better than expected and the next project is already planned. – We are an environmental municipality, so of course, we should look at reuse first, says Kristin Norrgård, Project Manager and Chief of Staff in Arvika Municipality.

When it was time for Styckåsen’s new home care facility in the neighbourhood Turbinen to be furnished, reuse became the primary form of purchase. The care home is the first in Arvika’s public sector to buy reused furnishings.

“We have furnished a completely new home care facility, the location of which the administration works, and where the employees change and document their working day. There are offices, conference rooms, and rooms for recovery, explains Kristin Norrgård, and continues:

“Most of the furniture is ordered via a second-hand site. Desks, work chairs, lighting, storage furniture, and armchairs. Arvika’s goal is to be a sustainable municipality with environmental and climate issues in focus, so it feels good to shop for reuse. It has also meant significant cost savings. We have been able to buy some furniture at half the price compared to what they had cost new.

The increased focus on the climate crisis has caused both private individuals and public businesses to buy more reuse. For municipalities and regions, the purchases are regulated through procurement, where Input interior is of the Arvika municipality’s contractual partners.

“In the last five years, we have seen increased interest, especially among government and municipal customers, to buy reuse. That’s why we developed Greenified, a circular e-commerce where the municipality can shop for reused furniture safely and simply. Basically, it is furniture that has been at someone else’s offices before, explains Peter Ågren, Site Manager at Input interior in Karlstad, who delivered the furniture to Styckåsen’s Home Care Service.

He also makes sure to point out that reuse does not at all have to mean “patched up” or “old and worn”.

“No, that is an outdated approach. In Styckåsen’s premises, you cannot see that the products are used. Everything is uniform, neat the products meet a high standard. Aesthetics is not something you need to compromise on today if you choose to reuse.

Kristin Norrgård agrees.

“The premises turned out great and when we were able to keep the prices down, we also had the opportunity to test products that we would not otherwise be able to afford. Like a pod and a standing workstation with sound absorbers. It has become many of the employees’ favourite place, she says and concludes.

“The next reuse project has already started. Another home care service where we will try and buy as much reused furniture as possible.”

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