Frame New York

Lower Manhattan is home to denim brand Frame’s store featuring a concept that is the work of designer and architect Christian Halleröd.

Halleröd has designed several Swedish and international store interiors, and the latest is for Frame in New York, the Swedish-founded brand whose jeans have become their signature item. In order to display the products at their best, Halleröd has opted for a pared-back store environment, adorned by two solid stone tables, among other items. Halleröd has a background as a furniture-maker and materials such as wood, terrazzo and stone are recurring elements in his interior designs.

A challenge

The solid stone tables with turned legs were designed by Christian Halleröd and supplied by Input interior.
“The challenge lay in finding the right producer. Producing a table of this kind is technically demanding, but we succeeded in finding an excellent manufacturer that met the requirements set by Christian Halleröd,” says Erik Lundqvist from Input interior.
“He wanted to find the right stone block with the right pattern and that was something we could help in arranging. The results were superb and it’s a great feeling to see the finished tables in place in New York,” concludes Erik.

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