Arlanda Airport VIP Service

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is to become Scandinavia’s leading airport, offering first class travel experiences to the travellers of today and tomorrow. The new Airport VIP-Service, an exclusive terminal inspired by the Nordic scenery, has been designed as a part of this development.

With an area spanning 2000 square metres, VIP-Service offers the visitor an experience beyond the ordinary. The concept is based on a journey from hard to soft, where the terminals concrete surface encapsulates an inner wooden core. The solid wooden construction creates a comfortable silence that offers a moment of peace and quiet. The interior is an exclusive selection of furniture and accessories from several Nordic brands.

­“With inspiration from the Swedish landscape, we’ve created a memorable experience for every visitor. Here you’ll meet elements often associated with relaxation, recreation and spiritual experience. What is luxury if not a place to escape to where the disturbances and high-speeds of everyday life are gone?” says Mark Humphreys, supervising architect at Tengbom who designed the terminal.

Nordic atmosphere

The interior concept has been realised by Input interior, that delivered both furniture and bespoke joinery components.

“It is an interesting interior, together with wooden details and bespoke joinery components creates a distinct Nordic atmosphere. The terminal is a unique experience for both Swedish as well as foreign visitors”, says Mats Genym, Project Manager and Sales Representative at Input interior in Stockholm.

The project has been delivered in different phases to Arlanda Airport.

”When delivering to an airport, carefully planned logistics is required. Everything we deliver must be scanned before entering the premise which requires incredible commitment and planning from our side. We have done several projects for Swedavia before so our interior installers are used to working with these conditions. VIP-Service is the result of a great collaboration between Swedavia, Tengbom and ourselves”, concludes Mats Genym.

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