Creative Force

After two years of remote working, Creative Force was faced with the challenge of attracting its employees back to the workplace. The solution? To create new headquarters that encourage creativity and a strong employee community. “In short, we wanted to give our employees a place that stands out and is more than just a workplace,” says Thomas Kragelund, CEO of Creative Force.

Creative Force was founded in 2019 and works on software development for e-commerce solutions – it now has three global offices. Its headquarters are located in Denmark, and in order to attract employees back to the workplace after two years of remote working, the business relocated to welcoming, new premises in Holstebro.

“The thoughts and ideas behind the project were born a little over two years ago. We wanted to create a modern, elegant office space with a welcoming and inspiring ambience. Although that is easier said than done,” says Thomas.

To assist in implementing these plans, they called on Camilla Rudnicki Design Studio and Input interior. A great deal of time has been spent in finding the right products in carefully selected colours to create a warm, welcoming and exclusive work environment for the team.

“It’s an exciting office with lots of colour, which is perhaps a little unusual – but great fun. We have used a lot of blue and various shades of beige for the interior. An abundance of earthy hues and tones feature throughout the various spaces. Understated and elegant are the key overall concepts,” says Camilla Rudnicki.

Jesper Damgaard, Key Account Manager at Input interior, has been involved in the project and agrees wholeheartedly with the interior designer, but also highlights eco-friendly solutions as an essential element of the interior.

“We have worked together selecting high-quality furniture that will deliver a long useful life. We want to avoid a short-term approach and discarding worn products after just a few years. This has been a key area of focus for ourselves, the designer and Creative Force throughout and is evident in the end result. Everything has been well thought out,” says Jesper.

In-house restaurant a hit

The 1,500 m2 office building boasts not only a selection of meeting rooms and workspaces, but also a lounge, a wine bar and a restaurant.

“The restaurant is something rather special and we have incorporated a great many bespoke solutions. Specially designed sofa groups, high tables and chairs in materials such as leather, stone and smoked oak give it an exclusive feel,” says Camilla.

Thomas Kragelund agrees:
“It adds that something extra, and the restaurant has been a huge hit with our employees. It serves as a meeting place, and we often eat both lunch and dinner together here,” he says.

Creating a modern, elegant office that would also provide a homely and inspiring environment was the objective for Creative Force. And the project group have most certainly nailed that brief, according to the company’s CEO.

“It has turned out great, and our employees seem to share that view. We have also hosted a number of events and meetings here and have been inundated with compliments on how fantastic it is. We are extremely pleased, and it has in fact exceeded my expectations,” he concludes.

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