Turku Energia

In the conference rooms, the walls are illustrated with photos from different places in the city that reflects solar, wind and hydropower.

Can science and technology be used for more than just research and development? It is not only heat and energy that the sun, wind and water provide at Turku Energia’s headquarters. They also provide inspiration for the building’s interiors.

Turku Energia is working hard to ensure that the city of Turku becomes fully climate neutral in the future. A vision that permeates the entire organisation – from development of green energy sources to the furnishings at its new headquarters. When employees, whose work normally involves science, technology and the environment, enter their workplace at Turku Science Park, they encounter the same elements as they are used to dealing with in their work.

“The new building is supplied with energy from wind, solar and hydroelectric power, and this is reflected in the various colour schemes chosen for the furnishings and in the art on the walls. The colours also provide inspiration for new ways of working,” says lead interior architect Nunnu Kotilainen from Workspace.

There are no short cuts when it comes to becoming a climate-neutral city, and energy-saving solutions have become a symbol of the company’s work. Presence detectors control the temperature, ventilation and lighting as a way of reducing electricity consumption, while solar panels on the roof generate clean electricity for the building. The furnishings too are the result of long-term, sustainable choices, made to minimise the risk of a throwaway attitude to furniture.

“Turku Energia has opted for high-quality furnishings that are designed to last. We kept returning to the theme of sustainability whenever we moved to a new area of the building, and furniture with a long useful life is an important factor when it comes to minimising the climate impact of the office,” says Jouni Kyllönen from Input interior, who continues:

“We have supplied and assembled furnishings from producers such as Lepo, Poiat, Blå Station, +Halle and Vitra. These are products that will be used for decades to come and can be reconditioned to extend their useful life. In this way, we can further minimise climate impact.”

The carefully planned investments in ecofriendly solutions have resulted in the award of a Platinum rating by the international environmental certification scheme LEED. The same meticulous preparations underpin Turku Energia’s workplace concept, which Workspace developed in close dialogue with employees and Input interior. There is a mix of traditional conference rooms, open-plan settings, workshop spaces and focus rooms, giving employees great freedom in terms of workspaces.

“As a major employer in Turku, it is important that the company is seen to offer possibilities, without any limitations. The workspaces we have created here have a broad appeal, which is important in attracting talent. Looking ahead, it will benefit both the company and the city in the transition to green energy,” concludes Jouni Kyllönen.

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