C4 Shopping

The 8 metre tall tree in the middle of the shopping centre makes a perfect spot for rest and relaxation.

C4 Shopping, named after King Christian IV, is a place where visitors can shop, eat and meet amid an inspiring boutique concept and oases of greenery.

Covering an area of 70,000 m², C4 Shopping offers a mixture of local boutiques and exciting new concepts. In developing C4 Shopping, Ramboll has drawn inspiration from the city of water, Kristianstad. The shopping centre is surrounded by green countryside and large water retention basins. The exterior consists of large sections of glass positioned at different angles, giving the illusion of blocks of ice emerging from the water.

A place for rest and relaxation

The nature-inspired theme continues indoors, with trees and plants creating green oases in the middle of the centre’s thoroughfare. Local design is represented in the form of Blå Station’s BOB sofas, supplied and installed by Input interior.

“Getting the exact shape that surrounds the large planters required a high degree of precision, as the sofa is made up of several different modules that need to follow a colour-coordinated pattern,” explains Mattias Johnfors, a sales representative and project manager at Input interior in Kristianstad which, in addition to the seating, also supplied interior furnishings and textiles for the shopping centre’s public areas.

“The colouring and the organic shape of the seating harmonises with the green plants to tremendous effect. The result is a fantastic oasis at the heart of the shopping centre, creating an inviting place to sit.” concludes Mattias.

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