Alby Library

Bold colours and flexible shapes create a playful impression.

Alby Library outside Stockholm is an open-plan space for young culture, creativity and language. Welcome to an innovative library that is far from ordinary!

The library was previously housed in a school. When the school was to be torn down, the library was relocated to premises in the centre of Alby. In conjunction with the relocation, the library was transformed and developed to live up to the municipality’s motto: far from ordinary. For the architects at Sandellsandberg, who designed the new library, this involved pulling out all the stops and daring to be different.

A different kind of library

This challenges the notion of a traditional library. The shelves are curved and circular, and books and media are categorised under headings such as The World, Society, Man and Language. The issuing counter has been replaced with self-service machines, while staff are available to visitors at the info point on the floor.

With an emphasis on young culture, the library wants to reflect the vibrant mix of clubs and societies and cultural life in Alby.

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