Three new framework agreements in Finland

High demands on function and sustainability are distinctive in the new framework agreements for office furniture in Helsinki and Espoo and school furniture in Tampere. Input interior is one of the suppliers that has fulfilled the challenging requirements of the agreements – with a combined estimated value of 52,000,000 euros. 

During the spring, several public framework agreements for furniture have been procured in cities where Input interior is represented. As the Nordic region’s leading independent design group, there is a strong organisation with long experience in public procurement. It is now official that Input interior has signed contract for three major framework agreements, that extends over several years.

– We are very happy with the confidence of delivering office furniture to Helsinki and Espoo and furnishings to schools in Tampere. This is a success for us as a company, and a recognition that we have an attractive offer, says Tapio Heikkilä, office manager at Input interior.

In the agreements for office and school furniture, all available products must be tested and approved in accordance with EU standards for sustainability, health and safety. In order to present a tender offer that meets the municipalities’ requirements, Input interior’s central organisation and local offices have worked closely together in a successful collaboration.

– This is the first time we are awarded a contract in these framework agreements, and it is due to a well-worked and customized offer. We are also looking very positively at the high sustainability requirements in this type of public procurement. At Input interior, we always strive to make the best long-term choices, Tapio Heikkilä continues.

As an independent supplier, without a production of its own, Input interior can provide the market’s widest range of products. In framework agreements with large municipalities, there are many different types of local organisations, with different conditions and needs. Thus, a great freedom of choice can prove to be valuable.

– Three major framework agreements, in three different cities, within two different business areas show that we are a player to be reckoned with on the Finnish market. The agreements contain a wide variety of conditions, and our geographical presence in several places in the country, together with an independent range of products, makes Input interior a reliable partner for the public sector in Finland, concludes Tapio Heikkilä.

• The framework agreement with Tampere’s central purchasing body Tuomi Logistiikka Oy is estimated to 4,000,000 euro divided between six suppliers during the period 2 May 2022–1 May 2024, with an option for another two years.
• The framework agreement with Espoo is estimated to be worth a total of 29,500,000, of which 13,000,000 is made up of furniture, divided between five suppliers and runs from 24 May 2022 four years onwards.
• The framework agreement with Helsinki has an estimated value of 18,500,000 euros and is divided between ten suppliers. The agreement came into effect on 1 September 2021 and initially extends over three years, with the possibility of being extended by another year.

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