Fossil-free deliveries from Input interior to Region Skåne

Input interior is reducing its environmental impact and making fossil-free furniture deliveries to Region Skåne. This initiative is seen as a pilot project that can be expanded to more locations in the Nordic region.

One of the aims of Input interior’s sustainability work is to reduce the environmental impact resulting from the company’s transport activities. One initiative currently being implemented in order to achieve the environmental objectives focuses on fossil-free fuel.

Input interior has agreed with Region Skåne to use 100 % fossil-free fuel when transporting any deliveries for this client. In Skåne, where the right kind of fuel is readily available, this is totally feasible and is seen as a pilot project. When the project is evaluated, Input interior sees great scope for the company to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by expanding the use of fossil-free fuel to more locations in the Nordic region.

“The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will be between 50 and 90 % compared with traditional diesel fuel. Exactly how much of a reduction will depend to a certain extent on what type of waste and raw material is used in producing the fuel. For example, if it’s produced from vegetable or animal fats,” says Patrik Clavenstam, Quality and Sustainability Manager at Input interior, and continues:

“In parallel with the transition to fossil-free fuel, we are following the development of gas and electric-powered light trucks. At present, vehicle gas is made up of natural gas and biogas. The proportion of biogas in the product is continually evolving and the proportion of renewable content is increasing every year. The development of both vehicles and fuel is progressing rapidly and I see great scope for reducing emissions throughout the group moving forward.”

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