Fashion vs. interior design

When Filippa K designed its first coffee mug for Rörstrand in the early 2000s there were many raised eyebrows. Since then creative exchange between the fashion and interior design industries has intensified and the trends are becoming increasingly cross-functional.

Artek classics in Missoni fabrics, Henrik Vibskov for Fredericia and Diesel’s collaborations with Moroso and Foscarini. The list of exciting collaborations goes on and on, and regardless of the useful life of the constellation the level of interest in the collections tends to be high. However, many collaborations take place away from the limelight.

Denmark’s September Salon has been bringing something new to the fashion industry since autumn 2015. With no traditional shops, no online store and no mass production, they are turning away from thoughtless consumption. Prior to each season a limited number of guests are invited to viewings of the new collection. Afterwards customers place their orders, which are all then made to order. Everything made is sold.

September Salon works actively to promote sustainability, which was one of the reasons for contacting Kvadrat, which produces design textiles for furniture and curtains, regarding a collaboration.

“Just over 20 years ago my colleague Mette designed a coat using fabric from Kvadrat. The lining of the coat has been replaced three times, but the outside is still in great condition. It’s an excellent recommendation for the quality of the fabrics,” says Trine Vestergaard, who, together with Mette Bjerregaard, runs September Salon. She continues:

“We make use of remnants from the big fashion houses in Italy such as Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga. Instead of producing new fabrics, we make use of existing resources. This is partly a statement, but also a good way to keep down prices for genuine quality fabrics. The same applies to Kvadrat’s upholstery fabrics, which are ideal for producing some of our garments.”

Which garments?

“We are currently primarily using Kvadrat’s fabrics for coats and jackets. The fabrics are often too heavy to use for blouses and trousers, for example. But keep an eye out in the future, as we have entered into discussions with Kinnasand to work with their curtain fabrics. Thinner materials create new possibilities.”

How have the collections been received?

“Really well, customers are pleased with the collections and we have expanded our viewings each season. Some garments are really popular. One such garment is a coat made from Nebula fabric, which was part of our 2016 spring collection. The level of demand was so great that we had to include it again this year.”

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