New framework agreement for re-use with the City of Gothenburg

The new agreement will give Input interior scope to supply used furniture and refurbish existing interior furnishings for the City of Gothenburg.

The aim of the new framework agreement (‘re-use of furniture within offices and public environments’) is that it should feel just as simple and secure to purchase reused furniture as new furniture. Input interior was one of several players to have signed a re-use agreement with the City of Gothenburg during the spring.

“We are pleased to be entrusted with this. Our aim is to ensure that furniture our customers no longer need is always passed on to new owners when needs change. Input interior’s client base in the Nordic region, numbering in the thousands, means that we can now offer the largest range of reused furniture on the market and so be part of a more sustainable furniture industry,” says Mille Milehem, COO at Input interior.

Input interior has been incorporating re-use elements into both large and small projects for several years now. The fact that a client like the City of Gothenburg is now signing a framework agreement for re-use is seen as an opportunity to further develop the business area.

“It’s great to see that the City of Gothenburg is daring to make demands of the furniture industry. As a large-scale player they have the ability to generate interest in the issue and to lead the way when it comes to circular flows and sustainable environments. The solutions are in place and are already being offered to the private business sector, and this agreement gives us an opportunity to develop them in collaboration with the public sector too,” says Patrik Clavenstam, Quality and Sustainability Manager at Input interior.


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