Vetenskapens Hus

Careful renovation was carried out with the aim of preserving the spirit of the former post office in Luleå, and an unobtrusive interior was selected so that Vetenskapens Hus would be in harmony with the origin of the building.

The astoundingly beautiful post office building in Luleå was constructed in 1953 according to drawings by the Post Office’s then chief architect Lars-Erik Lallerstedt. The building has now been carefully renovated under the guidance of MAF Arkitektkontor and transformed into a high-class restaurant, exhibition and meeting centre with the aim of generating closer ties between the university, the city and the business community.

Simple, contemporary interior

Luleå University, LKAB and IVA Nord were the clients and Wingårdhs was responsible for the interior concept. The furniture selected was compact and simple to represent our own era rather than the 1950s, but always with respect for quality. Leather, ash and marble were the materials used for the project.

Input interior implemented the interior design, consisting of bespoke joinery details and furnishings from brands such as Erik Jørgensen, Karl Andersson, Montana, Lammhults, Vitra, Abstracta and Plank.

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