Earthy colours and classic design furniture link the bright entrance together.
Sustainability and the employee well-being have been the focus of the new head office.

Nature is one of the primary sources of inspiration at the new head office of EKE-Rakennus in Helsinki. Large glass panels, oak walls and greenery create a feeling of being both inside and out at the same time.

When designing the new head office of construction company EKE-Rakennus, materials and furnishings were chosen to reflect the company’s history and future. The basic concrete and brick structure represents the strong foundation of the company, which has been in business for 60 years. Wooden walls signify warmth and humanity, while the open areas divided by glass walls are a nod to openness and a sense of purpose.

From the lobby the building is open to the fourth floor, which creates a loft-style setting. At the heart of the entrance area is a café and a lush green pergola that welcomes visitors. The nature-oriented indoor environment has been devised by architecture practice Parviainen Arkkitehdit.

“We have used a distinct design concept that permeates all aspects of the interior. Earthy tones and classic design furniture provide a consistent theme throughout the light and airy entrance area,” explains Interior Architect Tea Ellala from Parviainen Arkkitehdit.

The exposed concrete, which is a recurring feature on every floor, serves as a backdrop for the unadorned minimalist style of the building. The overall lighting is provided by 500 brushed aluminium light fittings. Each light can be adjusted individually, or in groups, to optimise the lighting for each workplace.

Together with nature-inspired and minimalist elements, plus warm colours, the interior delivers a feeling of both wellbeing and efficiency. In close collaboration with the architects, Input interior was responsible for procurement, delivery and installation of a large percentage of the interiors.

“It’s always special to play a part in the design of new head offices. EKE-Rakennus knows the value of a carefully planned architecture and interior design process and it has proven successful throughout the project,” says Kriistina Rämö, the project manager from Input interior in Helsinki.

With a focus on environmental sustainability and employee well-being, the building has gained LEED and WELL quality certification, which target environment and health.

“The needs of employees are a clear priority, as evidenced by the flexible workplaces and in-house restaurant and gym. We have been involved in creating settings that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally adaptable for the workforce,” concludes Kriistina.

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