Regionens Hus

The interior is characterized by the interaction between open and closed surfaces.
Lockers and flexible workplaces promote an activity-based approach.

When Region Västra Götaland gathered operating areas and functions within regional issues in Skövde, they invested in an activitybased office without fixed locations. Here, where you work is adapted to the different tasks of each day.

The newly constructed Regionens hus building in Skövde is part of VGR’s efforts to colocate regional functions in an effort to develop new working methods and more efficient workflows. Approximately 400 employees from 12 administrations and companies that were previously located at different addresses are today housed in a new building in central Skövde. The building is constructed by Serneke, with Abako Architects as the interior designer.

The five floors can hold up to 80 workplaces each, divided into four zones. The size of the zones can be varied according to what the task at hand requires. From 14 workplaces up to a whole, or several, floors. The flexible interior is characterized by an interaction between open and enclosed areas, light and subdued environments, as well as warmth and freshness in materials and colours, which creates a varied, but at the same time balanced, impression.

With functionality and sustainability as key words, the interior has been designed to promote an activity-based and environmentally friendly way of working. The employees have moved from a cellular office plan in favor of a fit for purpose layout with storage cabinets and flexible workplaces. Silent zones have been created with the help of screens and other acoustic solutions, as a complement to the more open collaboration areas that instead are designed to promote conversation and collaboration. The office interior in the conference rooms has been provided with smart, integrated technical solutions to facilitate distance meetings, with the intention that this will reduce the need for travel and lessen environmental footprints.

The sustainability key word also takes the form of recycled furniture. Approximately half of all furnishings and equipment in the new Regionens hus building consist of reuse from the offices of the administrations moving in, and the furniture that has not been found use for has been passed on to other administrations within the VGR. The target is to recycle at least 80 percent of all equipment from the old offices.

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