Morris Law

Forget formal reception areas and mahogany desks behind closed doors. At Vallgatan 30 in Gothenburg, Morris Law is overhauling the traditional look of a law office.

“Our starting point with Morris Law was to break new ground in a conservative and hierarchical industry. No one should cross the threshold and feel insignificant. On the contrary, we want to provide a welcoming lounge. Informality,” explains Johan Olsson, architect at Bornstein Lyckefors, which completed the project with the aid of Input interior.

Order and frameworks

Dour and secretive are being rejected in favour of an open and relaxed atmosphere. Locking yourself away in a room felt tedious and old-fashioned. The solution was an inviting reception area and an open-plan office environment with work booths and separate rooms for privacy and concentration. The open reception area and private work areas are both clearly defined, yet united by a creative wooden framework.

“The framework is a pragmatic solution to a spatial problem. The reception was far from ideal, with doorways, niches and corners. Instead of tearing it down and rebuilding, we installed maple ‘panelling’. With the aid of rigid geometry to define the room we created order and calm. The framework structure also features in the office environment as screening between the work booths,” says Johan.

All in the details

The details take pride of place here. All to convey the perception and feel of a relaxed home-like atmosphere. The wooden framework is combined with brass-coloured mesh, cork and brown-tinted mirrors. White was deliberately omitted. Light colours such as grey, green and pink adorn the walls and ceilings instead, providing a backdrop to the rest of the interior design details for a more interesting impression. The shelves, which add greatly to the lounge feel in the reception area, are supported by means of brass wires and carefully styled by specialists for the perfect touch.

“It was real architectural ingenuity, covering the empty space in an elegant way using a wooden framework. The carpenters sighed when we insisted on concealed fixing points with no visible fasteners. But it turned out really well,” laughs Johan.

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