Lund District Court

The exterior consists of sustainable, natural materials such as copper and glass, with a limestone base.

Functional solutions, innovative architecture and sustainable fittings combine to make Lund’s new district court one of the most modern courthouses in Sweden.

Lund’s new district court stands next to the city’s central station, and is the latest addition to an evolving cityscape that welcomes both visitors and residents to Lund. With its six storeys and a modern appearance, the new building stands in stark contrast to its older predecessor, which had become too small and no longer met the security requirements of today’s courts.

Secure flows

The new building gives the district court space to operate and to grow in the long term, and also makes its work easier from a legal perspective. Having several different entrances and functional solutions creates a safe and secure flow within the building, separating members of the public, plaintiffs and witnesses. Those working with cases can now reach the courtrooms without having to pass through public spaces, ensuring a more secure working environment.

“This is a modern building that signals openness and accessibility, while also meeting today’s security requirements,” explains Marie Lindahl from Input interior, which was responsible for procuring, delivering and assembling the interior design. “We supplied all the furnishings for the courtrooms, public spaces and workplaces, taking the strict security requirements into account.”

Sustainable standard

With its low energy consumption and solar cells on the roof, the building complies with the gold standard for Sweden’s Environmental Building certification scheme.

“Sustainable choices were important for both the building materials and the interior fittings, with the furnishings meeting the environmental and quality requirements imposed by the Swedish National Courts Administration,” continues Marie. “We’ve also helped to move in many existing fittings from the former courthouse.”

Lund District Court was designed by FOJAB Arkitekter, with Tengbom creating the interior concept.

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