Helsingborg Hospital

In order to meet future demands for modern and accessible care, the hospital in Helsingborg is refurbishing its premises and expanding. The result is bright nursing wards with a focus on improved care and flexibility.

First to move into the newly-renovated premises at the hospital is the eye clinic: one of the busiest clinics, with around 200 patients every day. The premises have been designed based on both patient and staff needs, including large glazed sections which let in plenty of light.
“The eye clinic is high up in the building and has a fantastic view that we want to make the most of. The views and the daylight flooding in make it much easier to get your bearings,” says Anna Hjort, senior project architect from FOJAB arkitekter.

Colourful solutions

The layout has also been improved. Previously there was one large waiting room that was used by the whole clinic. Now there are several smaller waiting rooms adjacent to the examination rooms, which makes things easier for both patients and staff. Materials and colours are predominantly light and the interior fittings feature ash veneer. The colour scheme has also played a crucial role in the design of the eye clinic – different colours serve as clear communicators for patients.

“We have been consistent in our approach to the colour scheme in order to aid orientation. Dark doors provide a distinct contrast to the light walls, so that people with impaired vision can distinguish them. The flooring along all corridors has been made a darker grey colour, while the flooring in the examination rooms is a lighter colour. The waiting rooms have also been painted in specific colours. The colour orange indicates an administrative area and that staff are present who can answer queries and provide information,” explains Anna.

Furniture for future needs

Both the premises and the interior design have been planned with the idea that it must be possible to make alterations over time and adapt to future care needs and working methods. Input interior has supplied all interior fittings, apart from hospital beds, for the clinic.

“We are used to delivering needs-adapted solutions and being able to meet different types of demands. The nursing and care sector in particular often has specific requirements that we have to accommodate; for example, all interior fittings must be suitable for wiping down with alcohol-based cleaner. The intention with this project was also for the furniture to be part of the long-term sustainable thinking and therefore be easy to move and offer flexibility in the event of reorganisation,” says Chriss Vourdouka, Sales Representative and Project Manager at Input interior Helsingborg.

The existing hospital is being renovated in stages in parallel with a brand new building being constructed. The complete remodelling of the hospital site is expected to be completed by 2025.

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