Administration at Uppsala University Hospital

There are several different types of workplace here. Everything from quiet rooms with screened workstations to open-plan areas and meeting rooms of various sizes.
A distinctive feature of the interior is individual touches of colour that contrast with the overall subdued tones.

Flexible, welcoming premises that yield energy and create a wow factor are combined in a listed building from the 1860s.

The Hospital Administration at Uppsala University Hospital is housed in a listed building with many preserved architectural features from the 1860s. The internal environment is characterised by an organic idiom that is based on the building’s architecture, with stucco work and turned details. The interior design by Indicum inredningsarkitekter AB promotes a calm and harmonious environment with recurring design elements linked to the building.

No straight lines

“An exciting project that offered numerous challenges,” says Pär Gunnarsson, Sales Representative and Project Manager at Input interior in Uppsala. “Our installers got to experience how charming old buildings sometimes lack any straight lines. The walls and floors in certain rooms might differ in level by several centimetres. But they rose to the challenge and made adaptations on site.”

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