Folktandvården Kongahälla

A dental clinic is a place for everyone. It should feel safe and secure, professional and welcoming, while satisfying the demanding requirements for health-service environments. A successful design requires a balance between aesthetics and function.

The Swedish Public Dental Service clinic in the centre of Kungälv has been a well-established and valued practice for many years. When the clinic relocated to the Kongahälla Center shopping centre in order to improve accessibility and convenience for patients, it was therefore important to ensure the staff were involved in the process in order to incorporate all the existing positive values into the new setting.

“Professional but not sterile. It was essential to staff that it should feel warm and welcoming,” say Karin Tidblom and Malin Ahlgren, interior architects at Abako Arkitektkontor, who came up with the vision Input interior helped to realise.

First-rate flooring with subtle features

In a setting with exacting requirements for hygiene and accessibility it can be a challenge to create a sense of warmth. It’s a balance between function and aesthetics. This is best illustrated by the choice of flooring for the clinic, which has public areas, corridors and waiting rooms. The intention was to add character to the project, and bring out a sense of warmth and care using elements of wood. This was achieved with functional vinyl flooring.

“The floor forms part of the colour scheme, which we are very pleased with. It looks like oak planks laid in one continuous direction, but offers the functional advantages of vinyl flooring. The grey flooring in the treatment rooms also combines attractively with the vinyl where they meet, with no thresholds,” explain Karin and Malin.

Cohesion and contrasts

A blue theme runs through the colour scheme for the project. A shade that is the identifying colour of the Swedish Public Dental Service, creating recognition for its activities. This in turn is framed by stimulating groups of colours in hues of green and muted blue tones for a warmer and more cosy environment. In the 12 treatment rooms, which are primarily greyish-white and contain dental furniture and equipment, the blue colour livens things up and provides a contrast to the austere overall look.

One particular treatment room that stands out is one that has been designed with children in mind, creating a setting that works for the child, the parents and any accompanying siblings. Toys, animal-print wallpaper and a soft sofa and pouffe from Blå Station help to create a cosy bubble, in which children can relax and feel calm. A win-win situation that makes the examination process easier for both patients and staff.

Space for relaxation and rest

Another space that contrasts with other areas is the staff room. Thanks to creative furnishing, with tables and seating that can be combined in various ways, the room can be used for both relaxation and meetings and presentations for up to 40 people.

“This should be a complete contrast! A hugely important space that we livened up with several different colours and stylish lighting. Feature wallpaper with painted trees has been used, together with coloured light fittings and a variety of textiles for the chairs, sofas and easy chairs, which gives the room a relaxed and pleasant feel,” concludes Karin.

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