Helio GT30 Coworking

From classic banking establishment to modern coworking space. By highlighting and preserving original features the soul of the building has been refined and at the same time transformed to provide a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

“We wanted to create an office building that works for any time of day. A place where you can enjoy a tasty breakfast with a colleague, exercise in the gym, work undisturbed or get creative, record your podcast or host a large event,” says Eric Spongberg, Product Manager at Helio.

Formal to flexible

The building at Grev Turegatan 30 was constructed in 1971 for Jordbrukets Bank and was subsequently used by the bank for just over 30 years, which left its mark on the premises. When Koncept Stockholm was commissioned by Helio to convert the building into a professional yet open and relaxed coworking space, the challenge was to transform the formal premises in keeping with the flexible working methods of the 2020s. The result – open-plan working areas and spectacular meeting rooms for 2-700 people, with everything from event venues to podcast studios.

“The premises were impressive, but not particularly inviting. Our concept involved adapting the structure of the building to its new function, an open and inviting enterprise. We wanted to create a welcoming, hotel-inspired entrance with plenty of illumination from within and glass panels on the outside,” says Corina Bermúdez Casas, who, together with the team at Koncept Stockholm, was responsible for the interior design element of the project.

Enhancing natural features

The starting point was to work in broad brush strokes and to use the premises’ existing attributes to best advantage. Original features, such as the Gotland Hoburg limestone flooring, have been restored and supplemented with limestone and wooden elements of Oregon pine.

The conference rooms have been designed to make the most of the building’s basic structure, working with instead of against it. One example of this is the differing levels of natural light in the various meeting rooms, with the darker rooms below ground level having been painted in darker shades to create an intimate ‘chambre séparée’ feel.

“In an iconic building, featuring materials such as marble, granite and Oregon pine panels, it seemed only natural for us to focus on preserving and enhancing what was already there,” explains Corina.

An international feel

Helio’s ambition was to create a coworking arena for both young and well-established companies. A space where people from various sectors could interact, network and generate business benefits. To ensure a successful design, Koncept Stockholm focused on three key concepts throughout the process: community, creative workspace and international.

“It’s a place for interaction between individuals and different personalities with a creative focus, drawing inspiration from the world of fashion, among other sources. The international feel has also been important, as it says a lot about the level of professionalism associated with the building,” explains Corina.

Coworking has grown in popularity over the past few years. One of the reasons for this is the ever greater need for flexible solutions and accessibility.

“It should be simple to choose the right location for your task. Helio at GT30 offers large working areas designed to support creative collaboration as well as facilities for private meetings and focused work at screened workstations,” says Conny Nilsson, Sales Representative and Project Manager at Input interior, which delivered the interior furnishings for the project.

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