Specially designed, site-built elements such as plant vessels, benches and booths can be found throughout the building.
The company's innovative spirit is reflected in the colourful and playful elements in the interior.
Solid and natural materials together with a lot of green plants are prominent features throughout all departments in the office.

When the insurance companies DNB Livforsikring and SpareBank1 Forsikring merged, Fremtind was formed. Two players, both with a long history, were united in a common identity and Zinc interior designers were commissioned to design the new head office.

The interior design concept was developed in close collaboration with the customer. Great focus is placed on preserving the history of the two players and at the same time emphasizing the innovative and environmentally conscious spirit of the new company. The concept’s ambition was also to change working methods. An activity-based solution was chosen with some variations between the departments. The environment should encourage common meeting places and invite to interactions.

A focus on reuse

Quality and durability were highlighted as important factors for the interior and the desire was clear, as much as possible should be reused from previous offices. Input interior, together with Zinc and Fremtind, inventoried the existing interior to decide what could be implemented in the new interior design concept.

The process resulted in more than 80% of the existing interior being reused. All workstations and storage were reused in their existing condition, other furniture needed some adaptation to fit into the new interior design concept. For example, they chose to reupholster 500 chairs instead of buying new ones.

– Thanks to the customer’s experience and knowledge of quality furniture purchases, we were able to reuse a lot of the existing interior, says Ingun Dal, responsible salesperson and project manager at Input interior in Oslo.

– The benefits of reuse are many, in addition to being a cost-effective solution, we use the resources that already exist. It was a really fun project to work with, Ingun concludes.

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