Axis Communications

Sustainability, aesthetics and a strong corporate culture with a focus on employees have been fundamental in shaping the new headquarters of Axis Communications.

The headquarters in northeast Lund present a new outward face to the existing buildings at Ideon Science Park where Axis Communications is based. The company, which is a global leader in network video solutions, was founded in Lund in 1984 and has rapidly expanded on both the domestic and international market. 

Enduring visual appeal

The 42,000 m², ten-storey office building was designed by FOJAB Arkitekter and serves as a hub for employees of Axis. The building’s façade is clad in natural stone that is complem-ented by large glass panels set in a distinctive white framework. The premises can be described as stunning, but also modestly laid-back. 

“Natural Scandinavian materials, such as stone and wood, connect the building to its location and are of a high quality, providing aesthetic sustainability over time. We have worked hard to ensure that the exterior and interior interact in a harmonious manner and that the wooden floors, limestone and walls clad in ash panels create a bright, warm and cosy atmosphere,” says Åsa Krantz, an architect and partner at Landén + Krantz, who with her team is responsible for the interior design element.

The furnishings for the project were carefully chosen and must stand the test of time in terms of their quality while remaining pleasing to the eye, which has resulted in numerous classic and timeless product choices.

“We have not compromised in our choice of furnishings but have remained true to what we and Axis really wanted. We sought out ways to achieve that, which we did, having a reasonable budget to work with. We have had a great deal of help on this project from Input interior, who worked on the procurement side of things,” explains Åsa.

A popular space

Just over 1,300 people work at the new headquarters, which is also a hub for almost as many employees who work in adjacent buildings in the area. On entering the building you are greeted by a bright and spacious entrance hall, from which the reception area, restaurant, café and various meeting rooms can be accessed. 

“The entrance hall is always busy, with people constantly on the move somewhere. You will hear various languages spoken and the energy in this space is reminiscent of an international airport,” says Åsa. 

To create a calm focal point in this otherwise large space, a podium has been installed. This offers a natural waiting area and meeting place from which to watch the world go by, and be watched.

The best aspects of working methods

The working areas at Axis are dominated by individual offices, something that came out of careful analysis of activities and suggestions from the reference groups. 

“A large proportion of the employees are engineers. They use a lot of equipment in their work and quite simply need their own offices that can almost be described as labs,” explains Åsa. 

In addition to the offices, there are also team rooms and smaller open-plan office environments for those whose tasks are suitable. Many of the additional areas and meeting places in the building encourage exchanges and collaboration. 

“We have picked out the best aspects from a number of different working methods and supplemented these with various types of meeting rooms with a range of seating, furnishings and colour schemes to ensure variety. There really is something here for everyone,” says Åsa.

When it came to the meeting, conference and project rooms, it was important that the furnishings were flexible to suit everyone’s needs. 

“The variety in terms of meeting rooms is fantastic. Height-adjustable desks, swivel chairs with castors and stackable stools that make it easy to furnish a space and rearrange it. There are also meeting rooms with lounge chairs that are ideal for relaxed gatherings. Flexible and needs-adapted,” says Erik Lundqvist, one of those responsible for the project at Input interior, which served as a turnkey supplier. From the outset, Input interior dealt with questions about potential products, budgets and the procurement process and managed an extensive logistics operation. 

Invigorating spaces

As a complement to the communal areas and working areas, a number of pleasant outdoor environments have been established, with the sky lounge being the jewel in the crown. These spaces are accessible to everyone and have an invigorating effect on employee health and wellbeing. 

“It’s clear that the focus here is on the employees. They are offered that little bit more here. In partnership with various players, we hope that we have met Axis’ specification for this project – to put the focus on people,” concludes Åsa Krantz. 

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