Conscious choices from the beginning

We know that there is a difference between furniture and furniture. A sustainable choice extends beyond the linear economy where we consume, use and throw away. We want to inspire long-term and conscious choices that ensure today’s furniture investments are just as relevant in the future. But what is a conscious choice and how do we guide you there?

Careful analysis

When you are facing a re-model and your needs change, Input interior will perform a thorough needs analysis based on your business and its conditions to present you with the best long-term decisions. How many do we need to furnish for? Should everyone have access to their own workplace? How will you be working in five years? The analysis will be looking at factors such as working methods, premises and future needs.

Quality lasts

By side stepping quality and buying wear-and-tear can be an expensive decision. Input interior offers products from leading manufacturers that live up to the high quality demands requested by the public environment. Invest in an interior that can be renewed by simple means. Furniture parts that are exposed to a lot of use should be easy to replace and the materials should be recyclable.

Aesthetics is key

Trends come and go. We advocate an interior that reflects your brand and business, instead of focusing on shortterm trends. Invest in timeless products that will last, and choose durable materials that get better with time. Raw materials such as wood, stone and leather last a long time and age with class.


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