7 megatrends influencing the school of the future

A school is not an isolated island. Like everything else it is affected by social forces and the megatrends that gradually take shape in the world. Social, economic, political, environmental and technical changes are constantly evolving and influencing a broad range of sectors, including schools.


Today’s students view technology as a matter of course and expect education to follow suit. Equipped with new laptops, wireless networks and new attitudes, education is moving out of the classroom.


Focus has shifted from local, regional and national to global level. Students compete for study places and jobs with other young people from large parts of the world.


The privatisation of schools has increased competitiveness and introduced market forces into the scholastic world. When choosing educational institutions and workplaces, aesthetic and emotional values are becoming increasingly important.

Knowledge economy

We are becoming more and more qualified and living in a knowledge and intellectual economy. With the added fact that all information is available online, the processing of information and creation of ideas becomes the central focus. Activities take place in groups rather than individually.


We are all different. With differing needs, ambitions and requirements. Moving forward, individualisation will become more the rule than the exception. New generations with new attitudes will make their presence felt and demand to have an influence and take responsibility.


In order to understand the age we are living in it is necessary to create teams and ensure exchanges with people from different cultures, ethnicities and age groups. Possibilities and challenges both expand when diversity in schools and working life increases.

A sustainable society

The climate threat and the dream of a sustainable society motivate us to be more resource-efficient. Getting more from less becomes a key factor, as do flexibility, synergies and reducing our space requirements.

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