Giving all students the same opportunities to succeed was our objective when Runnerydsskolan in Nässjö underwent alterations. An activity-based learning environment was a key factor in achieving this objective.

The school has both renovated and expanded its premises in order to provide space for almost 600 students, from preschool classes up to year six. An equally important element of the construction project has been to invest in a modern interior that supports both students and teachers and also encourages social exchange. The school has left behind the traditional teacher’s desk and row seating classroom format and taken a step into the learning environment of the future.

Room landscapes

The activity-based school environment puts student needs at the centre, while serving as a pillar for teaching. Depending on their assignments, students can decide for themselves how they want to work – standing at a higher desk or seated on a comfy sofa. The focus has been on flexibility and choice.

“The interior design of the classrooms takes the form of a landscape that varies in height, providing both acoustic and visual protection from others and creating rooms within rooms. Students who need to work in a special environment or secluded workplace don’t need to be anywhere different to anyone else,” says Joakim Wahlstedt from Input interior, who managed the project and supplied the interior design.

Brain training in the timetable

Sofas and armchairs with high backs provide a secluded spot for those who need peace and quiet. Children and young people are active and have a great need for an outlet for their creativity.

“In this type of learning environment it is permitted to move around, which activates and stimulates the brain,” says Joakim, and continues:

“It also has an ergonomic aspect to it, as we generally say that the next position is the best position. Many people believe that working in environments like this could be confusing, but in my experience it is quite the reverse,” he concludes.

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