Re-use and sustainability

Furniture deserves a long life. Therefore Input interior offers a range of services to prolong the life cycle and preserve the value of your furniture.

Conscious choices and responsible renewal

Input interior offers services that facilitate conscious choices and responsible renewal. We have extensive experience of re-use in projects both large and small. Rather than ready-made package solutions, we can adapt any project to match your needs and expectations. Our re-use concept includes:

  • Taking an inventory of existing furniture and providing recommendations regarding what can be reused in your new environment. At the same time we ensure that you get as much as possible from furniture that is no longer of use to you but can be given a new lease of life elsewhere.
  • Supplying you with used furniture.
  • Refurbishing existing or used furniture. Furniture is refurbished to return it as close to its original state as possible by measures such as washing, reupholstering or replacing parts.
  • Upcycling furniture and furnishings into products with a new function through redesign.
  • Recycling. Once furniture is worn out and no longer fit for purpose, we can recycle it in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

We are shaping the re-use options of the future

Input interior advocates responsible and mindful renewal and takes responsibility for developing re-use and a circular second-hand market.

Curious about re-use?

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