Quality Policy

Through our clients we are entrusted with realising interior environments for the most essential functions in society.

Client focus

At Input interior, our clients and end-users are our focus and we only offer functional and sustainable furniture, interior furnishings and services. All our employees have a responsibility to follow our set principles below and integrate this quality into their everyday activities.

We focus on our clients, we guide and adapt our products and services to fit their requirements and needs both in the short and long term. We always comply with laws, regulations, norms and contracts as a minimum requirement. However we strive to achieve a much higher standard than that. Every assignment should serve as a positive reference.

We progress by setting goals, measuring and evaluating

Our main goal is to have satisfied clients and end-users. We set goals and follow up our performances in order to constantly improve our routines, way of working and to further develop. This ensures that we fulfil our own expectations as well of those set by those around us.

We never stop learning

We ensure that we have the right competencies and motivated employees through continuous training and exchanging of experiences between different roles, areas of responsibility and geographical locations.

We take responsibility and set high standards

We take responsibility for our environmental impact in all aspects. This means that we set, and follow-up, these high standards on our suppliers, partners, clients as well as ourselves.

These principles and values, together with our working method, are part of our management system and are be familiar and understood throughout the organisation.

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