Environmental Policy

Our clients requirement may vary, but Input interior’s efforts to create a healthy, sustainable development remains constant.

Responsible consideration

With our environmental efforts we want to portray a greater awareness of how the Earth’s resources are being used, consider climate change and the greenhouse effect as well as being aware of our impact on the ecosystem from a health and environment perspective.

Together with our partners and clients, we implement active and sustainable initiatives in our activities, product development, the re-selling of products and services as well as external factors that we can influence and contribute to. All employees have a responsibility to follow the principles below and integrate sustainable actions into their everyday activities.

We deliver sustainable interior design

We strive to offer highly sustainable products, services and environments. This includes influencing other factors such as design, product and material choices, production methods, quality, product lifespan, re-use, recycle, effective logistics to have minimal environmental impact, minimizing packaging material and encouraging its recycling, energy use and digitisation.

We set goals, measure progress and evaluate

Our ambition is to have a business model with minimal impact on the environment. We set goals and follow up on our progress to continuously improve our routines, way of working and to further develop. This ensures that we fulfil our own expectations as well as those set by those around us.

We never stop learning

We ensure that we have the right competence through continuous training.

We exceed external requirements

As a minimum level, we always comply with legislation, official requirements, norms and other mandatory requirements, however we aim higher than that. We provide environmentally sustainable solutions and proactively encourage our suppliers and clients to make more environmentally-conscious choices, while at the same time influencing public debate.

We take responsibility and set high standards

We take responsibility for our environmental impact in all aspects. This means that we set, and follow-up, these high standards on our suppliers, partners, clients as well as ourselves.

These principles and values, together with our working method, are part of our management system and are be familiar and understood throughout the organisation.

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