With our Greenified concept, we have worked with sustainable interior design, conscious purchasing, circular ownership and responsible renewal since 2015.

Furniture is meant to last!

Our ambition is to ensure circular ownership: where furniture that meets your needs today matches someone else’s tomorrow. With our services that enable traceability, re-conditioning and service, we create the best conditions for success. Together with our network of thousands of clients around the Nordic region, we form the basis for a controlled and functioning second-hand market.

Conscious choices from the beginning

We know that there is a difference between furniture and furniture. A sustainable choice extends beyond the linear economy where we consume, use and throw away. We want to inspire long-term and conscious choices that ensure today’s furniture investments are just as relevant in the future. But what is a conscious choice and how do we guide you there?  Read more about three ways to sustainable interior design.

Interior Management System

Quality furniture tends to last longer than your needs. Therefore, we think it’s important that it’s relocated to new owners when your needs change. However, creating a reliable circular furniture platform requires traceability, which is achieved with Input interiors unique Interior Management System. A service where furniture is marked with a digital ID creating added value for both current and future users of the furniture.

Read more about IMS and how it works here.

Flexible needs

Input interior works with needs-based solutions and provides interiors adapted to your unique conditions and requests. What these needs are will naturally change over time. With external factors such as globalization, digitalisation and innovations, product development is progressing faster than ever. Flexibility has become an increasingly important tool to quickly adapt businesses to modern times.

Input interior and Greenified offer you the flexibility required to update and renew – with a clear conscience.

Our network, your access

With thousands of clients around the Nordic region, Input interior creates a large-scale network of businesses who face changing needs. Some want to sell their furnishings that no longer fulfil their purpose. While at the same time, some want to re-decorate responsibly and look for products in the circular market. Input interiors’ responsibility is to match these demands with each other and contribute to furniture having a longer lifespan on the market.

See the movie about Greenified or search for products on our circular market.

Input interior as a turnkey supplier

Our organization has 41 offices and over 650 committed employees. Together, we carry out thousands of projects annually both in and outside the Nordic region. Since the introduction of Greenified in 2015, interest in taking care, repairing and buying sustainably has increased drastically. Over time, we have built a large network of reliable, experienced and local partners who assist with everything from furniture upholstery to renovation and reconditioning.

To handle the advanced logistics required to move furnishings from one business to another, where some products may be sent for renovations, Input interior uses its own fitters and logistics team. By doing this, we maintain control throughout the process and can provide you with a dedicated contact person. Search for the office close to you or find your contact here.

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