– the next generation of sustainable environments from Input interior.

A new way of thinking

A throwaway society. How can we justify this when the world is the way it is? Something needs to be done. We must all take greater responsibility and apply ourselves to the task in hand. Fulfil our social, environmental and financial obligations.

Greenified™ has been developed by and for Input interior. With Greenified™, we want to offer our clients a new way of thinking and working when it comes to sustainable interior design for public environments.

Sustainable purchasing concerns the future just as much as the present. When we consume, it is therefore important to take the entire life cycle of the furnishings into account. It begins with quality products – sustainable and recyclable furnishings that fulfil environmental and health requirements over and above applicable rules and regulations. Long-term choices that facilitate circular ownership.

Sustainable interior design

Greenified™ offers a new way of furnishing public environments and is about sustainable interior design, conscious choices and responsible renewal. It begins with interior design that fulfils environmental and health requirements that go way beyond applicable rules and regulations and that are kind to animals, nature and humans.

85% of people believe that it is important or very important for furniture and fittings in the workplace not to contain chemicals that are harmful when in use*

Circular ownership

Unlike a linear economy where we take raw materials, consume them and throw them away, a circular economy aims to imitate the natural cycle.

Sustainable, long-term choices bring great environmental gains. When needs change, furniture that no longer fulfils its purpose can be given a new lease of life in a new setting with a different owner and users. Circular ownership – where something that fulfils your needs today matches someone else’s tomorrow.

Responsible renewal

With Greenified™, the interior set-up is employed as long as it matches the client’s needs. When it comes time to downsize, upsize, renew or make changes, Greenified provides full flexibility. Leave the workplace as it is and get Input interior to add to it, do an inventory, relocate with it, replace, dismantle, improve, sell on, donate and recycle.

83% of people believe that it is important or very important for an employer to make environmentally and ethically sustainable choices when purchasing furniture and fittings for the workplace*

Input interior delivers interior design services to a value of 300 millions EUR per year. This represents large volumes of quality interior furnishings that deserve a longer life than just one client, one need, one location. We know that good interior design has significantly greater value than that. To the client and the user. But above all to the environment.

77% of people believe that it is important or very important for furniture that is replaced in the workplace to be reused elsewhere*

* Input interior’s opinion polls were conducted by Novus between 4 and 9 December 2014 and comprised 1,036 online interviews with a representative cross-section of the Swedish population aged 18-79 years.

Responsible renewal with Greenified

The following elements form part of Greenified™


Environmental and quality assurance


Product support and order management


Delivery and installation


Documentation, guarantees and complaints


After-sales service, adjustment and demonstrations


Inventory, dismantling and shipping


Resale and donations


Recycling / Re-use

Add on value-creating services

Optional extras within Greenified™


Workplace analysis and preliminary study


Planning and architect services


Implementation and trial furnishing proposals


Coordination, project management and budgeting


Client-specific helpdesk


Maintenance, cleaning and repairs


Product catalogue with online ordering


Inventory system and stock-keeping

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