Spring news 2021

They have arrived! Follow us throughout February as we take a closer look at this year’s news and product updates.

February 9th

Fence Sofa, Ohlson  |  Chaise Tout Bois Chair, Vitra  |  Grain Carpet, Ogeborg  |  Relate Fabric, Kvadrat  |  Rollo Folding Table, Karl Andersson & Söner  |  Flowerpot Table Lamp, &Tradition  |  Visir Table Lamp, Örsjö  |  Como Table Lamp, &Tradition  |  Let Lounge Chair, Fritz Hansen  |  Stub Table, Fritz Hansen  |  Air X Soundabsorber, Abstracta  |  Miss Button Stool, Stolab

February 11th

Tind Lounge Chair, Fora Form  |  Lumo Fabric, Kvadrat  |  Scala XL Soundabsorbent, Abstracta  |  Primavista Chair, Stolab  |  Corso Lounge Chair, Lammhults  |  iQ Surface Vinyl Flooring, Tarkett  |  w201 Extra Small Pendant, Wästberg  |  Join Sofa, Molunden  |  Savoa Table, Swedese  |  Koku Table, Fogia

February 16th

Mute Focus Lounge Chair, Horreds  |  Estelle Chair, EKV  |  Tints Fabric, Kvadrat  |  Adell Lounge Chair, Arper  |  Glove Lounge Chair, Horreds  |  Emerge Floor, Bolon  |  Savo 360 Office Chair, Savo  |  Evo-C Chair, Vitra  |  Unfold Desk, Ragnars

February 18th

Sander Lounge Chair, Karl Andersson & Söner  |  Soft Edge Lounge Chair, Hay  | Soft Edge Stool, Hay  |  Knekk Stool, Fora Form  | iQ Surface Vinyl Flooring, Tarkett  |  Aston Club Lounge Chair, Arper  |  Grupparbetsplats, EKV  |  Revolt Chair, Hay  |  Petit Standard Chair, Hay  |  Dezibel Soundabsorbent, Zilenzio  |  Pao Lamp, Hay

February 23rd

Trioo Chair, Lammhults  |  Fragments Lounge Chair, Fogia  |  Islets Table, Fredericia  |  Linear System Table, Muuto  |  w181 Linier Pendant, Wästberg  |  The Box Storage, Svenheim  |  Archie Chair, EFG

February 25th

Nova Chair, EFG  |  Dezibel Soundabsorbent, Zilenzio  |  Rely Chair, &Tradition  |  Serif Chair, Massproductions  |  Space Carpet, Ogeborg  |  Planar Daybed, David Design  |  w162 Dalston Pendant, Wästberg  |  Woofer Table, Glimakra  |  dB Lounge Chair, Abstracta

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