Black numbers despite a tough year

Lock downs and increased distance work – not the best conditions for the furniture business, which targets itself towards public spaces. But despite a tough year Input interior shows black numbers in their annual report 2020.

The corporate group established business in all Nordic countries in 2018 and separate themselves from most of their opponents by not having their own furniture production. Since the beginning, Input interior has focused on delivering the widest range of interior design on the market to businesses, hotels, restaurants, school and education, and healthcare.  The response has been good, and despite an ongoing Corona pandemic, the corporate group can declare a profit of approximately 63 million SEK / 6 million EUR.

Mille Milehem, COO Input interior, mean that the company so far has managed beyond what was expected.

– We have successfully adapted to a very difficult situation by spotting opportunities on the market. Already early in the spring we were able to help our customers provide their employees with solutions for the home office, something that continues to be in demand throughout the Nordic region. We have already delivered almost 10 000 home office solutions. We also produced a guide on what is required for homework to be conducted in a safe and secure manner and what measures should be implemented at the work places in order to reduce the risk of infection spreading.

Many of Input interior’s customers have been affected by the pandemic and more and more people are talking about continued distance work long after restrictions are lifted. A change that Mille Milehem believes the industry will need to address, even in the long run.

– The Corona pandemic has clearly meant a change for the office workplace. Digitization has been accelerated and both employers and employees see the benefits of working from home. Something we will see an increase of even after the pandemic. But I do not think the office has played its role in the long run. It is still in the personal encounter that ideas arise and creative processes take place. In addition, I think many people miss the community of colleagues. My guess is that we will see a combination of office and distance work, which in no way have to be negative for our business, on the contrary.

But despite a fairly bright outlook on the future, the Corona pandemic continues to hold a grip on society and also the interior design business is heading towards a different spring.

– Usually, winter and spring equals fairs, product launches and inspiration. This year, everything is, of course, cancelled. For us, it will be about taking a more proactive sales position in the long term, where long-term processing and innovative, sought-after solutions will be crucial, Mille Milehem concludes.

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